The Problem With Forever



The Problem With Forever

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published Date: May 17, 2016

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Pages: 480

I had high hopes for The Problem With Forever but sadly I was a little disappointed. I think the premise of this book was a good one but could have been executed a little better. The topic of anxiety and PTSD is an important one and I’m glad to see YA books address this issue.

In The Problem With Forever we follow Mallory, an orphan who is suffering from anxiety and PTSD due to her foster family’s abuse. After being homeschooled for a while, Mallory has decided to attend High School where she is reunited with Rider, a boy from her childhood.

The writing was ok. I often found myself a little annoyed because it became repetitive. The characters where fine but I was a little frustrated with Rider. It took so long for him to see his own worth and recognize his own talent. I wish we had more of Riders back-story because he was going through stuff to0 and he was traumatized as well but we don’t really see his side much.

Speaking of wanting more, I wanted to learn more about the side characters. Hector, Jayden, Paige and Ainsley. I really loved these side characters and wish we had a little more of their story.

Overall this was an ok and easy read. It didn’t have a big “wow” factor but I appreciate authors who shed light on difficult topics.

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