20 Bookish Facts About Me

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I saw many bloggers and Booktubers do the 25 bookish Facts tag and I though what a cool way for people to learn things about you. Here are some facts about me

  1. I learned to read very late- as a child I had difficulties reading and didn’t like it.
  2. I prefer physical books- though I have an E-reader I often forget the books I have on it and grab my physical books first.
  3. I prefer hardcovers.
  4. I love reading on my bed the most.
  5. When I am reading I like to drink coffee or tea.
  6. I prefer independent bookstores (but I don’t have many where I live)
  7. I take the jacket off my hardcovers when I am reading them.
  8. I prefer series to stand-alones.
  9. Historical Fiction is my least read genera.
  10. I can’t read in a moving car but I can read on a train.
  11. For the past two years my most read genera is fantasy.
  12. I’m an adult who read YA and I’m ok with that.
  13. I am a mood reader.
  14. I own more books then I have read. (My TBR is overflowing)
  15. I listen to classical music while I am reading.
  16. If I need to stop reading, I need to finish the current chapter. I can’t stop in the middle of a chapter.
  17. I read more female writers than male writers
  18. I’m a slow reader
  19. My favorite author is Rainbow Rowell
  20. The Nancy Drew series was my favorite growing up.

So those are twenty facts about me. I couldn’t think of twenty-five lol.

Happy Reading!!!

2 thoughts on “20 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. transhaan says:

    I’m happy you discover the love for reading , even if its late, I must say that its really nice to share that little fact with us and that you didnt give up #kudoos 😀 My boyfriend takes off the jacket too when hes reading hardcover LOL ! 🙂 You wouldnt like watching me read hardcover copy eh boyy *hide* xD Nice bookish facts out there !


    • pagesandtales says:

      Thank you. It was hard but my parents got me all the help I needed. My daughter is going through a similar situation and is a struggling reader but I tell her is everyday not to worry she will learn to read.


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